Amron Associates manufacturer of products for the architectural and interior design industries Sittingbourne, Kent

launched Nov 2015

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Amron Associates is a highly successful supplier and manufacturer of products for the architectural and interior design industries. Their website had fallen behind during the growth of the business. With a new logo and colour scheme in hand, we worked on a new design, a new website.

Product catalogue for specialist goods

Tailored design to present your unique wares

Project brief:

We were given the freedom to start fresh with this design –  the new logo and its colours as cornerstones, and the vast product catalogue, the information on available services and related details to be used as the basis to create an entirely new website. Focus was on ease of access to all products, a clear search function and a visually engaging design.

In a highly competitive market, the new Amron website needed to find its own ground, ready to accommodate partners, suppliers and clients alike. Our clients were amazing – ready discuss all aspects to minute detail, bringing forward excellent suggestions, always listening and open to talk. The result of this collaboration is now a site which puts all content on the page, no frills, no distractions – clear information, easy to access with stunning large photos to fit context.

Details to be shown for each treatment / treatment combination

  • illustration/s (various combinations)
  • name and details
  • price
  • description

Design goals

  • structured layout with clear hierarchy of service categories
  • effective individual listing in all variations
  • include legend for each category
  • planning the product catalogue

    main product range -> product family -> single product

  • products with specs

    product family -> single product, with info, downloads and links

  • gallery for project photos

    flexible layouts for various combinations / dimensions

  • search feature

    planning filtered product search function

What we did:

  • collaboration on content structure
  • design for interaction and web page layouts
  • production of custom WordPress theme and required admin functions
  • custom admin functions for easy updates of all content types
  • integration of multi-language function

The end result is a fantastic looking and well-structured website, which in its first 3 months increased our enquiries by 43%.

Jonathan Reed, Amron Associates
product page screensho
product page, admin view

What our client said:

After being taught web design by Prisca there was simply no better choice when we needed to build a new website for Amron. It was  important to us that Prisca and her team understood our vision for Amron, which they took the time to understand, embracing our company philosophy.

Like most companies, we wanted to stand out from the crowd in highly competitive industries, such as ours. We saw the best way for us to achieve this was to give Prisca and her team the creative freedom to explore and create something completely different to the norm, something unique. It was essential to showcase our products in a clear and concise manner with focus on the project’s technical information and applications, and Prisca and her team nailed it.

We had a clear project plan and an agreed timeline. However, we deviated from the plan quite a lot—but that did not phase or cause any concern to Prisca or her team. They remained focused, dedicated and passionate about the project from the start to the end.

The end result is a fantastic looking and well-structured website, which in its first 3 months increased our enquiries by 43%. We have had nothing but positive responses and believe it will propel our business to the next level. I would highly recommend Prisca and her team for any web project.

Jonathan Reed Business Development Manager Feb 2016

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