David Brunetti photojournalist London

launched Sep 2016

view site: davidbrunetti.com

David’s website had been online for years. With sporadic updates and added sections over time, the site outgrew its initial structure and setup and was in need of a major overhaul. Still happy with the design yet unable to fully take control of his content, David was looking for an update which would refresh the existing design a little and collect all fragmented content into a single new site, powered by an easy-to-use CMS.

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Project brief:

We worked with David and Anne on planning a new structure to combine galleries, archives and the photoblog into one unified website. Focus was on presenting the extensive work as best fitting its context. David’s work varies and in many cases, tells powerful stories. We experimented with galleries and layouts to find fitting presentations for the photographs.

  • site planning to collect spread out content into one single site
  • setup of efficient CMS for easy updating of all content
    (WordPress used for blog already)
  • setup of analytics for site statistics and observation
  • refresh but keep the existing minimal design of site and menu
  • update logo if required by design update
  • new typeface

    Questrial (via Google Fonts)

  • typestudy: current logo

    set in Century Gothic

  • typeface comparison

    “david brunetti”: Century Gothic & Questrial

  • typeface comparison

    “photography”: Century Gothic & Questrial

  • final typesetting for logo

    refined proportion and spacing

What we did:

  • site planning for structure and design for context
  • custom settings for different designs for galleries
  • setup of analytics (Jetpack, Google Analytics)
  • design update focused on typography
  • update to logo fitting final type selection
public site view of gallery
admin view of gallery