Love Bedford Place Vintage Street Festival Southampton

launched Jun 2014

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This project was last minute rescue mission to get a new website online for the vintage family festival in Bedford Place. Time was tight yet with plenty of great location shots and enthusiasm from the organisers – we made it just in time for the celebrations.

Event promotion on & around the big day

Gathering people & informing your crowds

Project brief:

After having been let down – the traders of Bedford Place approached us with an urgent request to complete the website before the day of the festival. Our brief was to use an existing flyer as basis for the design of the site and we enjoyed working on a vintage inspired design.

last-minute brief

  • logo update / design
  • site design tailored to show festival information
  • show photos of event
  • social media integration
  • custom directory for local traders
  • setup of WordPress as CMS
  • vintage bus visual

    as basis for colour scheme

  • Bunting and faded photos

    to show photos of Bedford Place

What we did:

  • logo design
  • WordPress theme design
  • Flickr integration to show latest photos of the event
  • social media integration
  • custom directory for local traders
  • setup of WordPress as CMS

The efforts made to get this site up and running were unquestionable.  Despite the odds, we had our professional fully working site up and running perfectly in time for our event.

Fee Birnie, event organiser

What our client said:

Prisca and her team saved the day! After a number of technical setbacks and delays to the original website (being set up by a different designer), we were in such a mess that I knew only someone I trusted could fix everything. I had worked with Prisca before, and I honestly do not believe anyone else would have delivered the project in such a short time.

We threw a half finished site at Prisca and the studio team, along with finished promo posters and flyers. In only two days, working until the wee hours of the morning, the Eyedea Studio delivered a fully workable, hand-coded site that fit in with our already developed colour scheme, visual theme and promotional photos.

The finished site was responsive, allowed us to get local traders’ schedules online with an updateable calendar, integrated our promotions with social media and more! And all in a beautifully designed brand package that brought everything together visually.

Thank you, Prisca, and her team, for a slick, professional, user-friendly site that helped us celebrate Southampton’s “50 years as a city” event.

Love Bedford Place event organiser July 2014

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