Maximum Accessibility Including people with intellectual disabilities in the WWW London

completed Jun 2009

view site:

Motion graphics for visualisation

To accompany voice-over & illustrate research findings

Project brief:

  • design & produce graphic elements to specific topics
  • work with research findings and reports
  • plan / storyboard animation to given text
  • create illustrative animation syned with voice over
  • design of disability icons

    visual representations of disabilities (as used in animations for ‘Maximum Accessibility’)

  • media and alternative deliveries

    for inclusive presentation of text and visual content

  • producing & showing video content

    considering final output and alternatives

  • complexity vs simplicty

    confusion of complex choice vs simple approach

  • end screen of final animation

    As seen in: Is full accessibility possible?

What we did:

  • created assets relating to accessibility topics discussed in findings
  • presented storyboards for sign-off
  • produced four 3-minute animations
  • deliverd requested formats to post-production team