Seeing Data Research project Leeds / Sheffield

completed Jun 2016

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This research project will study how people understand big data visualisations. With more and more data collected, analysed and publicised worldwide, it follows that the effects and effectiveness of its presentation is an emerging area of interest and research. This is a fascinating topic which is something that we could both learn from and contribute to.

Motion graphics for visualisation

To accompany voice-over & illustrate research findings

Project brief:

Part of our brief for phase two of this project included the creation of new visuals. These illustrations were to be used for the production of motion graphics to accompany voice-only sections of the feature videos, and appear in promotional print material.

design brief

  • design consistent graphic style with variation
  • develop sets of fitting visuals specific to select topics
  • production of video: motion graphics for 3 minute voice over
  • several animated sequences as video overlays (3-12 secs)
  • title and credit screen design
  • graphic design for poster and brochure

What we did:

  • designed graphic sets in consistent style variations
  • created title and credit screens for videos
  • optimised all visuals for different outputs (print/video/web)
  • produced motion graphics pieces, delivered to video editors
  • designed A5 info brochure and A3 poster

Also part of the brief:

Academic projects for a wider audience

Promoting actions & reporting academic research

read case study