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updated Feb 2015, launched 2014

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This research project will study how people understand big data visualisations. With more and more data collected, analysed and publicised worldwide, it follows that the effects and effectiveness of its presentation is an emerging area of interest and research. This is a fascinating topic which is something that we felt we could both learn from and contribute to.

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Project brief:

Our brief, in 2014, was to give the Seeing Data project a fitting online presence which will foster interest in the research and attract participants. We collaborated to refine a visual mark for the logo and created a site which is now still gathering new findings from a growing number of participants.

The site evolved over the following year and we worked on a final update to establish the site as a resource website in early 2015, concluding the initial research. With the success of the project growing, a further update recently expanded the site to make room for new projects and findings.

brief outline

  • logo & brand design
  • site design to support research from beginning and throughout the research project
  • one major update on project conclusion to present findings
  • design/produce motion graphics and title screens for inclusion in feature videos
  • create visualisations to support written content sections
  • setup interactive quiz (designed by research team)
  • produce promotional material for print
  • update 2016: expand site sections & extend colour scheme
  • plan for sub/menu and interactions

    showing submenu and tabbed presentation of topics

  • proposed graphic style for visualisations

    added as visual references in select site sections

  • update 2016

    to expand site section and extend colour scheme across new additions

What we did:

  • brand design, including style guide
  • logo creation
  • site design
  • production of graphics for illustration
  • motion graphics for videos
  • setup of interactive quizzes
  • integration of WordPress as CMS
  • extended updates

Also part of the brief:

Motion graphics for visualisation

To accompany voice-over & illustrate research findings

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It’s been an enormous boost to our project to have had our website made by Eyedea Studio.

Helen Kennedy, University of Sheffield

What our client said:

Working with Prisca and the team at Eyedea Studio is always a complete delight. She really knows her stuff, and probes her clients on minute detail that we often haven’t thought about, to make sure she delivers the best product she can. Tricky, technical asks are never too much for her, and she’ll draw on her extended networks to provide clients with what they want. At the same time, she’s sensitive to users’ needs.

Our Seeing Data website has received a huge amount of praise, from people in the data visualisation agency and many, many others. It’s been an enormous boost to our project to have had our website made by Eyedea Studio.

Helen Kennedy project leader July 2014

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