Soul Funk Secret soul/funk band London

last update May 2015, launched 2008

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Soul Funk Secret have been our clients for over 10 years and we love working with Marco and his band. The focus of our brief was the evolve the much liked look of the site into a fresh, new design which integrated the promotion as well as the sale of their new single.

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Project brief:

Over the years, the band had been busy, gigging, writing and recording – and had now outgrown the once fitting site. We worked with the band to revise the content structure and created a better backend for site admin, making updates easier. The new design now reflects the current line-up and direction.

brief outline

  • evolve original logo into type-only logo using only initials “SFS”
  • keep exisiting colour scheme for design update
  • include responsive design
  • promotion of new album & future releases as new focus
  • offer purchase options to sell digital copies
  • present gig listings and set list
  • feature photos, videos and social media
  • logo ideas

    change of visual, using initials alone – initial sketches

  • digital iterations

    of selected preferences

  • final design decisions

    type choices for website, colour scheme update and interlinked letters for logo

  • introducing upcoming change

    via colour scheme update for new album’s cover image

  • final visuals & colour treatments

    experiments with musicians profiles on coloured backgrounds

What we did:

  • revision of content structure
  • redesign of logo and branding
  • site redesign, creation of new WordPress theme
  • custom admin functions for gig listings and categorised set list
  • integration of selling platforms (cdbaby, iTunes, Gumroad)

Thanks to the Soul Funk Secret website, I have the opportunity to broadcast my music in a very stylish and elegant way

Marco Abbatecola, Soul Funk Secret

What our client said:

Ten years ago, I had my first website and logo designed and set up by Prisca. She was a freelance web designer who had been highly recommended to me. I wanted a funky 70s look – something very eye catching – that would impress potential clients. The final website was fantastic, and the logo Prisca designed is now recognised in the industry.

Between then and now, Prisca set up her own web design company so when the time came to update our site, we of course asked eyedea studio to do the work. With the refresh of the site, there is no doubt that it is the winning tool of our business. Everything has been set up to make it easy for us to change photos, add news and generally update content as and when necessary. The site is so well constructed!!

I have been relying on Prisca for our design work for 10 years now, and she and her team have never failed us. They contribute to our growth, as a band and a business. Thanks to the Soul Funk Secret website, I have the opportunity to broadcast my music in a very stylish and elegant way.

Marco Abbatecola bass player & manager June 2015

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