Sugarflick hair removal specialists Southampton

design update Jan 2015, completed 2005

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This is one of our favourite success stories ~ one which can tell of successful team work, helping a new business off the ground about 10 years ago. It started an ongoing collaboration which continues to this day ~ recently resulting a fresh new design for the now well established business.

Illustration for brand & visualisation

Louder than words

Project brief:

The 2015 site update for Sugarflick introduced an additional visual element to describe each treatment. Our brief was to create neutral and tasteful illustrations with sufficent detail to accompany each treatment, as well as treatment combination.

illustrations for treatments

  • show/illustrate detail of treatment in drawn graphic
  • preference: clean lines for light feel, in keeping with clean white site
  • gender-neutral appearance of figure drawings
  • tasteful illustration of intimate treatments
  • sketches for figures

    aiming for gender-neutral appearance and tasteful presentation of bodies

  • male treatment variations

    presenting styled illustrations of treatment areas

  • female treatment variations

    combining different treatments

What we did:

  • developed graphic style for drawings, in keeping with lines of logo
  • designed figure outlines for male and female treatment illustration
  • created detailed views for intimate treatments
  • produced / optimised / uploaded illustration visuals

Also part of the brief:

Online promotion for bespoke services

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