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last update Apr 2016, launched 2005

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This is one of our favourite success stories ~ one which can tell of successful team work, helping a new business off the ground about 10 years ago. It started an ongoing collaboration which continues to this day ~ recently resulting a fresh new design for the now well established business.

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Small & beautiful - when your site needs that little extra touch

Project brief:

This project finally gave time and space to an update of our original design. The old site had been very popular and delivered information well. However, it did no longer reflect the popular and now well established services Sugarflick provides. Our task was to evolve the old design into a fresh look, one which would include fitting illustrations as supplementary information to clarify each treatment available.

details to be shown for each treatment / combination

  • illustration/s
  • name with details
  • price
  • description

admin functions required

  • easy updating of service categories
  • control over layout for each individual listing, including illustrations
  • extendability for new treatments
  • planning for layout

    varied treatments to be shown in different combinations, both male & female listings

  • combination of body & intimate treatments

    planning for flexible layout options

  • layout with different combinations

    showing title, subtitle, description, legend and 3 listed treatments

What we did:

  • consulted on content strategy and review of old site
  • designed illustrations for each treatment and section
  • new site design evolving existing brand
  • implementation as WordPress theme
  • custom setup for admin functions for easy content updates

Also part of the brief:

Illustration for brand & visualisation

Louder than words

read case study

If it were not for the understanding, belief and passion from Prisca and her team, I do not think Sugarflick would be where it is today

layout of male treatments with illustrations and pricing
admin interface for treatments