What our client said

Anna Jancsó founder/producer Oct 2016 view site: librecine.com

We approached Eyedea Studio to create a new website that reflected the changing structure and needs of our company. The website is our main tool to communicate and present past and ongoing work to our professional community and potential partners. We are a company that started off as a creative audiovisual workshop, carrying out work both in Europe and Latin America. In the past years our two companies have become two distinct and separate entities, united nevertheless by our brand name and ethos.

We needed two linked websites that served both entities by providing a unified look while making a clear distinction between the two companies. Furthermore, we needed sites that worked across different devices and allowed for fast loading even in areas with slow internet connections.

A clean, clear design that focuses on our projects was achieved. While our brand remains strong and visible, the websites allow our work to speak for itself. We have also been provided with invaluable advice and expertise on how best to structure content for better visibility and search engine compatibility.

Eyedea Studio was a true collaborator in both the design, branding and technical aspects of developing this new website concept. The result was launched in time for the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival and the industry response has been outstanding, driving an increasing volume of business to our companies.