what we do

WordPress Workour old & ongoing love

When you work with us – you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. Our experience with WordPress dates back to its very first version over 12 years ago, our design work goes back even further. While we adopted WordPress early on, back then, it was mainly suitable for small-scale projects. Over the years it has flourished into a full-fledged content management system, that today is driving about a quarter of the web’s sites.

These days, we find that WordPress still works like a charm for the little projects – yet it is equally able to deliver at larger scales. It remains our favourite open source software and has become our speciality.

What we offerin summary

  • brand design
  • design for web
  • content planning
  • development for WordPress
  • custom WordPress theme creation
  • WordPress support

Have a look at our case studies for more detailed info.

case studies

What we don’t doour guarantee

We are asked many questions by our clients and over the years, one question in particular has cropped up many times and usually at our initial meeting. We are asked:
“Will the final website be based on an off-the-shelf solution, merely set up to fit the project brief as closely as possible?”
Typically, our clients want a custom design, a fresh approach or an improvement on all fronts for their websites, not a solution that just happens to be a “best fit” that they have to adjust to.

Our guarantee is that we never use pre-made themes. Instead, we always work specifically to your brief and find the unique solution needed for your project. Each function, each layout and interaction designed from scratch. We believe that only then will your site be the best it can be.

And while we can help and advise you on your current setup or theme, our speciality lies in creating designs which meet your unique brief.